All through, my works can be seen as an investigation about my self. It can be also seen as journeys undertaken through various terrains outside and inside by me. I have often felt a sense of withdrawal from my surroundings. This withdrawal has helped me to see the world outside me with a cynical eye without emotionally getting overpowered by situations and circumstances. This also helps me to introspect my self critically. I feel this “othering” of one’s own self also reflects the contemporary social condition of alienation. Modernity due to its stress on material progress and dystrophic achievements has removed meaning from existence. We are like ‘beings’ without any ‘essence’. This existential predicament however has been manipulated by power to further alienate the people from themselves by making them desire what they don’t need but still spend their entire life desiring those.

One can see a complete absence of human ‘beings’ in my painting. Even the self is absent. The only suggestion of the self is in the position I offer to the viewer whereby I expect them to undergo the same predicament as mine. Though they are journeys undertaken to realize one’s own nature, they are also journeys investigating the social and public through my experiences. They are like mapping my own self through the surface of the social. Though I have been settling and unsettling in various places, a certain sense of commonness about the situation is found. I have tried to reflect upon these in my works.

The places or monuments in my works may refer to recognizable and popular sites. But I use them only as reference signs to bring about certain experiences and specific instants. The architecture and the cityscapes can also be seen as enclosures bounding the self without allowing its social interaction. In that way they are disciplinary mechanisms in play within the picture frame. Also the dark colors and layered textures try to bring about the gloomy and layered intermingling of situations and emotions. They are shown in such a way that one always sees the scene with some obstructions or screens. No scene or image is done in a clear manner. I feel this is what characterizes our situation, where every information reaches us only after passing through several screens.